Our Mission

Tampa Bay's only dedicated event that puts beauty and health in the forefront. Established with the main goal of highlighting and bringing to the surface the best kept talents and service providers in the health & beauty space in the Tampa Bay area. What is Beauty? We take a holistic (mind, body, soul) approach to the term by recognizing beauty as the physical, spiritual and emotional health and well being. With a carefully and curated series of events, we've created a luxe experience to help attendees learn, discover and embrace their true beauty from within.

Our mission is to create an event where people can learn the connection and the importance between beauty and health. A place where self-esteem, and talent can be developed in a way that casts away any insecurities. A week of events that will educate individuals who attend on the newest trends, skin care, insider tips, products and tricks of the trade.

Our greatest appreciation goes out to the sponsors, businesses, educators, artists, models, make-up, hair stylists and body paint artists, that have already partnered with us in this journey and we hope that you will do the same.