Competitors Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations for competitors and their models.

Anyone who does not adhere to these rules and regulations will automatically be disqualified from the competition.

- Models for competition must arrive with no make-up, hair or body paint. All work MUST be done on site for the competition.

- Once competitors and models arrive and the competition begins, competitors and/or models may NOT leave the competition area without the permission of the competition staff. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

- At no time during a competition should models assist the competitors in any capacity.

- Models are not allow to give anything to the audience or the judges while on stage. Any performance or onstage theatrics may cause point deductions. 

- Animals are strictly prohibited from participation in all competitions as a prop or accessory.

- All participating models and assistants must register as volunteers.

- All Participants (contestants and models) must sign a photo and liability release.

- No additional persons are allowed in the competition rooms. Only model, competitor and assistant will be allowed in the competition room.

- Only one(1) model  and one assistant will be allowed per competitor.

- Competition is limited to 15 contestans for each competition. (Body Paint and Hair & Make-up).

- Competitors will be judged on the following: Technical execution of styles originality, creativity and overall look consistent with the theme 'Beauty Is Art".

-  All decisions made by judges are final.

- Tampa Bay Beauty Week is not responsible for items left at competition site, lost or stolen items before, during and after any competition. Please keep up with your belongings. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Tampa Bay Beauty Week is not responsible for any injuries incurred before, during and after the competition.

- By paying your registration fee, you are agreeing to all the General Rules and Regulations.